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Pet ownership has become much more popular in the last decade. With the growing number of dog parks, trails, special events, and pet stores, it is no surprise that the family pet has truly become an important part of our lives. We consider their needs, happiness and contentment, no less than our own!

In the past, you planned a short get away, or a long vacation.  You had a neighbor or relative that was always there to take care of your 4 legged friend while you were away.  As the years went on, your teenage children were always there.  There was never a question of who would care for "Sparky".

Before you  realize it, the kids have gone off to college, or maybe have even moved out on there own. They are not as available  between work schedules, etc. to come and care for "Sparky" while you go away.  You really don’t want to ask the neighbors…..again.

Or maybe you are a young growing family with a spunky pup!  Your vacations have always been somewhere that you could take "Spunky" along.  But now the family would like to take a trip that just cannot include him.  What can you do?


As there are many boarding kennels available for care, some pets do fine, but for others, it can be a very stressful, lonely and traumatic time for them. They are away from the comforts of the home that they feel secure in.  The experience can affect their overall happiness, which can also lead to other problems…depression, not eating, digestive disturbances. Imagine this going on for an extended amount of time. For some, it takes a few days after arriving back to their home to adjust.

My goal is to provide experienced , quality pet care, at the most affordable price possible , in the comfort of your home.
All pets have different personalities & needs and I will take the time & special effort to find out what will make them happy and content while you are away.
My promise to you and your pet is that they will be treated with all the love and attention  they need until you come home.

*REMEMBER….. Your pets comfort is  my concern *

I love Pets

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