About Us




*Daily walks and in-home pet sitting

*Large kennel employee

*Veterinary Assistant

*Pet stores and grooming facilities

Donna and her husband Pete are long time residents of Clifton Park, New York.  She has two grown sons who are married, four beautiful grandchildren, two grand-puppies, and her cat Snickers.  

Donna has loved animals all of her life.  She has tailored her professional career over the past 20 years in different areas of the pet care industry, which includes kennels, pet stores, grooming facilities, veterinary hospitals, and in-home pet care.


Her extensive work with animals has shown Donna that there is a need for in-home pet care.  Not all pets easily deal with kennel stays and most enjoy being in the comfort of their own home.  Seeing the need for this has started Comfort Pet Sitting.

"I have been pet sitting and giving daily dog walks since 2004 and look forward to seeing all 'the kids' every day.  I do not have dogs of my own at this time, so it makes it extra special seeing all of yours!  It is so satisfying walking into each home and being greeted with those happy faces and wagging tails!  While I am there to give them the undivided attention they need, they are there to brighten up my day!"


What Makes Comfort Pet Sitting Different?

I purposely limit the number of clients I have in a given week - to insure plenty of extra time to give your pet the quality care and companionship it needs while you are away. And I truly try to do this at the most affordable price possible!