Customer Reviews

We have used Comfort Pet Sitting for about two years now. There are no words
to describe how invaluable they have been to us. Donna was so great when our older German Shepherd (11 years), became ill with a tumor. She even went home and cooked him ground chicken and rice because we were away. She has stayed at our house on many occasions and is very trustworthy. Currently her and her associate Nadine (also a wonderful person) take turns walking my dogs 3 times a week. When they arrive each time it’s like Elvis has entered the building! Our dogs go crazy with excitement! Thank you Donna and Nadine for all you do for our furry kids and us too!

                                               The DePaul Family

  We met Donna last summer and she is absolutely the best thing to happen
to us and our two dogs!  Bailey is a big sweet boy and easygoing, but little
Elias came to us with many fears and has trouble trusting people.  I was
amazed the first time he met Donna and went right to her, wagging his tail
as though he had always known her.  He had never done that with anyone
before, and I knew right then that I had found someone I could trust with my
dogs.  Donna is wonderful in every way, and I can finally enjoy vacations
and day trips because I know that Bailey and Elias are safe and happy and
loved with Donna, my house is in great hands, and the peace of mind is
priceless.( I also appreciate how she keeps me posted with emails and texts
while I'm away, so that I know how my guys are doing!)  My husband jokes
that our guys are probably disappointed when we come home because they are
always so happy to see Donna, and she gives them undivided attention when
she is with them.  Our dogs mean the world to us, and I trust Donna 100%
with them!

                                               Celeste A.

Deano is a big fun loving Labradoodle. He has lived in the same home for a long time, but now his owners work schedule has changed. It often varies from week to week, depending on whether someone is working from home a particular day. Sometimes Deano needs a visit 3 days a week, 2 days, 1 day, or maybe skips a whole week. After he races out into his huge backyard and takes care of business, he enjoys coming in for some visiting time. He has a special seat all set for him on the couch, where he sits just like a person and you would bet he knows exactly what you’re saying to him. Deano is a real love bug! I’m happy I can be flexible with his visits whenever the need arises

"We have two older dogs, and two young cats. When we go away, we can’t stand the thought of leaving any of them in a kennel, and they’ve never spent a night in the house without human companionship. For these reasons, we’re always searching for someone good, and kind, and competent to move into our home and be the substitute human while we are away. We haven’t always been lucky, but we struck gold when we found Donna Ryan.

When Donna walked into our house, we could not believe the way our dogs reacted to her. They were happy to see her, but they did not do their usual barking, and licking, and jumping as they do with any new people who come to visit. It was as if they sensed her calm and competent manner. All of us (animals and humans) were delighted with the easy affection she showed to both dogs and cats. Donna also took careful notes about how to care for both animals and our home. We felt completely at ease leaving her at the helm.

To top is all off, the very first night she stayed over, Jasper had a run-in with a skunk in our fenced in backyard (we have a doggy-door). And when he leapt onto the bed, looking for her support and help, she was just amazing about the whole thing. She held the fort, helped the dog, and is even willing to come back to help us the next time we go away!

She gets the highest marks from this family! Thanks, Donna!"



"Donna of Comfort Pet Sitting is absolutely wonderful in every way.   I have 7 pets total (2 dogs and 5 cats) and Donna took care of them with such love and kindness it was though they were her own.  I was able to go away knowing my “kids” were in the best of hands with Donna.   She is very caring and considerate and I look forward to the next time I need to call upon her services.   Comfort Pet Sitting is the best!" 


"I have been using Comfort Pet Sitting for about one year and I'm very happy with the service they provide. Our dogs really love Donna and she gives them the same love and attention that we would. This makes our travel plans much more enjoyable because we know that our dogs are safe and happy in Donna's care".


"Donna at Comfort Pet Sitting is fantastic!  While I was gone, Sammy was well taken care and I could tell.  No accidents on the floor for the entire 2 weeks and lots of exercise and attention.  Sammy normally doesn't last longer than 5 minutes on walks, but was going for entire walks around the block!  He even had a new toy to show me when I came home.  Thanks to Donna's care and attention, Sam is still on his best behavior.  THANK YOU Donna for your consistent routines and your loving care!  Sammy says, 'RUFF, RUFF - please come again!'"


"We had never left Jack with anyone except family before.  Then we met Donna.  She is an absolutely lovely, caring person and our dog Jack loved her at first sight.   Donna came over before our vacation and spent time getting to know Jack and his habits.  We also got to know Donna and felt comfortable with her not only taking care of our dog but  also giving our home that lived in appearance- bringing in the mail, newspapers, etc.

Donna gave Jack individual attention.  She took him for walks, played in the yard and also took the time to sit and cuddle and watch TV much like we do when we are home.   We felt he was looking for her to come in when we came home from vacation.  We had a great vacation and so did Jack! "


"My little friend 'Montana' enjoys a bikeride with her owner MJ!"