**Call for information regarding new client specials**

Overnights: Call for Information

Dogs: Standard rate: $14 per visit

Vacations: $14  per visit:  discounts will apply according to length of vacation, etc.

Daily 1x day walks or let outs: applies to Monday - Friday contracted bookings only. $12 each day - $60 per week.

Weekends: $70 - includes Friday pm, three vists Saturday (am, afternoon & pm) and Sunday morning visit. Any extra visits on Friday or Sunday $12 each.

Cats: Standard rate: $12 per visit or $20 for two visits a day. Dicounts will apply according to length of time away, etc

Additional free services while watching your pets: Bringing in mail & newspaper, watering indoor plants, putting garbage out on garbage day.

There is no additional charge for each pet unless discussed at the home meeting.  The price is per household. 

$10 Holiday Fee: New Years Day, Thanksgiving, Easter,  Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day

Comfort Pet Sitting does not provide pet care on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.