The first step is to arrange an in-home visit to meet you and your pet(s) and go over their daily routine and schedule.  I will explain all services in detail with you so you know what to expect and are comfortable.  This meeting should only take about 20 minutes.  There is no charge or obligation at this time.



Daily dog walks (applies to Monday - Friday sign ups).  These walks or "let outs" will last 20-30 minutes.  If weather is not permitting for a walk, your pet will receive individual attention indoors after initial "let out".



Dogs need 1-3 visits daily depending on your departure time and the time you expect to arrive home.  Each visit includes "let out" and/or walk, playtime, feeding when applicable and some quiet time.  Medications can also be given free of charge.


Generally one visit daily is sufficient.  I will feed, scoop litter and give your kitty special attention.  You can arrange for two visits a day if desired, especially if medications are needed twice daily.


All confirmations must be made by phone through me.  An email is not accepted as confirmation.  At least two weeks prior to departure for vacations.  Four days confirmation before a weekend trip.


Payments for weekly dog walks can be accepted on a weekly basis or monthly. 

Payments for all services can be left in either check or cash form at the owners house at the time of departure. 


Full payment is expected unless previous arrangements are made.

There is no additional charge for each pet unless discussed at the home meeting.  The price is per household. 


Fully Insured


Except for in the case of an emergency, please be courteous enough to give at least 2 days notice for a weekend cancellation.  Longer vacation cancellations:  1 week.   If you need to cancel for same day, early morning is sufficient.  Remember, someone else may need your time slot.  Thank you for your understanding.